Who or What am I

This is a big question.. especially considering most people don’t think about the what.. and even more so the who. I really think we live in a conciousness that is so slow and unaware that it is not actually funny. We hold our points of view so close to us and assume that everyone else around us has to have the same AND if they don’t they are weird, rude or have something wrong with them. We choose not be aware of who or what we are or even what we are capable of . I don’t know why we choose this, but I guess the reasons vary from fear to thinking that we don’t have any other choices or maybe it is just being uninterested.

I say WHO because if you think that 98% of everything that is in ours heads, emotions and general lives is not ours, we absorb so much from everyone else that we think it is ours. If we removed all of that , then the WHO becomes a difficult one, as now there is little drama and we can be truly who we are..

The WHAT.. could go in many directions here but I think that I will stick to the what as in an infinite being. I heard someone say today that we think that there are other sources outside of us that are bigger than us ..and I quote “Is the whole God thing” That we feel that there is no need to be the infinite human being as we can just look to something great than us. I am not saying that there is no God but rather that we need to recognize what we are .. and that is an “infinite being” and should believing that and behaving that way.

I personally think that not choosing to know who and what your are is very limiting, but I can only say this now as I have embarked on a journey to become more aware and conscious. I have recently become aware of my lack of awareness and the choices I make to keep myself in this unawareness state.. The reasons for it? well I have lived in fear of dealing with things , fear of being alone and fear of disappointing others because it does not fit in with what is accepted and right to them.

So I made a choice to be me and be all of me.. I know that sounds like a cliché, but if I can embrace my life, ask the right questions and not limit my life to my old points of view, then the possibilities are infinite.

If I can do this then so can you!

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I am a writer of comics, blogs and other interesting things. A transformer of lives, no matter what format that is in. I believe that Kindness is the key.. to everything. It creates the magic we require.

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