Listen to your Body

The body is something that most of us ignore , we don’t really think about it as an integral part of us in a spiritual way.  This is about listening to your body and actually acting on its answers. Have you ever found that you eat, party and drink and then wonder why you feel like crap the next day or your stomach is bloated? When I say eat, drink and party, I don’t necessarily mean binge drinking or eating, but everyday eating or going to a friend for dinner or even a restaurant.  We don’t listen to what our bodies want or don’t want, but instead listen to our minds and our emotions. More of us are emotional eaters than we think we are.

The trick is to ask your body what it really wants, and I mean literally ask the question.. Body what do you want to eat, wear, do etc.. This sounds a bit strange.. and you will probably find yourself asking.. what am I doing or how do I hear what my body is saying. If you are one of those people that have been in tune with your body  then you have probably been doing this most of your life and it is a natural thing to you. If on the other hand you have been like me and found that you have done nothing but dislike your body, judge and criticize it, it might take a while for you to start hearing it. So cut yourself some slack and realize that it is OK and that your body doesn’t hate you back, it just tries to recreate what you want from it..if you think it is fat and ugly then it will be that way.

If you ask the question then you’ll find that the answer will come.. without  a doubt. It will also start making you aware of what you eat, how you dress and feel bout the clothes, what you thoughts are towards your body and how you treat it. I have been asking many questions about a lot of things but the most recent one is how do I become more aware and less afraid, less judgemental and freer.

Some other questions to help you become more aware : How can my body and my being impact the world in a positive way? What generative space and consciousness can me and my body be to transform with total ease?

Published by Megan

I am a writer of comics, blogs and other interesting things. A transformer of lives, no matter what format that is in. I believe that Kindness is the key.. to everything. It creates the magic we require.

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