Our willingness to receive

To be able to receive fully, you have to be willing to receive anything and everything. This does not mean that you have to make choices on what you receive, react to it or even like it and it definitely does not mean you have to accept it. just receive it.

Blogging is a good example …

When you blog you put down your ideas and thoughts and share them with the world. This of course means that you will get a few things that can happen.. no-one reads it, or people like what you have to say , hate what you say and then you get all their opinions on your work good , bad and sometimes very bad.

So being willing to receive in this instance means to me that I need to say OK so that person has an interesting point of view. And be willing to receive that fact and their words, but it does not mean I have to react and respond  to them, accept or deny anything, just that it is their point of view that they shared.

Once we allow ourselves to do this, opens up so much for us . As soon as we are willing to receive everything we will receive much more.. in everything.

Give it a try 🙂

Published by Megan

I am a writer of comics, blogs and other interesting things. A transformer of lives, no matter what format that is in. I believe that Kindness is the key.. to everything. It creates the magic we require.

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