Everything is just a choice…

Every thing you do and don’t do it just a choice. We tend to go into such judgement of ourselves when we do or don’t do something and if we don’t judge ourselves we take on the judgement of others about it. If you can think of what your opinion is about someone who over-eats for example.. Take a second to think about it carefully.. see what your response is?……

This is just their choice in some manner or another, and I guarantee you they judge themselves for it every day. I am not really sure why we judge ourselves for everything.. perhaps to be sure that we stay in the “rightness” of things.  Why is it that  we have to stay in the rightness of society.. if we choose to do something it is our choice.. it might not always be a conscious choice, but it is a choice none the less. And judging ourselves for it makes us stay in the rightness or wrongness of it locks that energy up in our body and being and we get ‘stuck’. Not allowing any other possibilities to show up.

And is there really a rightness or wrongness?

Most people will say of course there is.. how can you say that something is not right or wrong. When you judge someone.. well what are you doing really.. you are making them right or wrong for their choice because it is not what you would have done or chosen or it is not in line to what you think is right or wrong.

This is a very easy thing to do.. so easy that we do it without even thinking about it. We go..oh right she is over weight.. how could someone who is that size let themselves get there.. oh they eat too much.. they are so wrong for doing that.. or they should diet because it is bad for their health.. or .. oh wow I am glad I don’t look like that.. etc..

And the over eating it’s just one of many areas we judge.. perhaps your neighbour dresses weirdly according to you,  your friends shout at their kids or husband needs to join a gym , your wife needs to stop drinking so much wine etc..

what if ….

We could look at someone and go oh that’s just their choice and not have a point of view about it.. and not judge them or judge ourselves, not make them right or wrong about their choices.. especially if it does not align with ours.  Not judge others.. What!! 🙂

You can use the following tool from Access… “Interesting point of view, I have that point of view” say it every time you find you are judging someone else or yourself… Say it until it lightens up.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing..this means learning to live in allowance of things.

Do this for whole 2 days every time you have an emotion, thought,  reaction or judgement of something.

You will notice something happens – there is more space and less heaviness. And maybe you might start to realize how much of other people’s judgements we take on as out own.

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I am a writer of comics, blogs and other interesting things. A transformer of lives, no matter what format that is in. I believe that Kindness is the key.. to everything. It creates the magic we require.

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