A Thankful Moment

Of late, it has been hard to pinpoint just one thankful moment. I have been going through a lot in terms of really finding that space of me; what makes me truly happy to my core.

I have done lot a work throughout my life to know what I really don’t want; travelled enough to know that I require more it. I have loved and lost enough to know how our emotions can really affect everything we do and choose.

The thing that has stuck with me in the past few weeks is …READ MORE

Some Days…

some days I eat my greens

some days I have ice cream for breakfast

some days I want to punch people in the face


some days I want to feed and house street kids.

Its amazing how often this changes, and I have often wondered at the random emotions we have and how we react to them.

I’d like to think I can just be me.. no matter what the emotions I have or the thoughts I pick up from others.. I don’t like to have to explain myself to anyone.

Do we really have to?


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