Shield Yourself

Shield Yourself

ShieldYourselfThe angels brought this card to you because of your heightened sensitivity to energies. This sensitivity means that you may inadvertently absorb other people’s energies. which may make you feel tired unfocused or upset. just as you wouldn’t walk outdoors in a rainstorm without an umbrella, it is important to use an energy umbrella in the face of any emotional downpour. If you feel negative Energy – or people are arguing competing or using frightening is vital for you to shield yourself. This means imagining that a bubble of protective light surrounds your entire body. You can also ask Archangel Michael to guard you from lower energies and you can eve n borrow” his shield as a protective buffer.

Action Steps:
Visualise yourself surrounded by one or more of the following colours (you can layer colours for multiple purposes, such as a white light next to you for general protection, followed by a second layer of green light for healing and covered by a third layer of purple light for spiritual protection):

Blue : Increased communication
Green : Healing and protection of health
Pink: Light-heartedness and romance
Purple : Spiritual protection (shielding from psychic attack)
White: General Protection

The light shields last for about 12 hours, less time in harsh conditions ,so re-invoke them often.

Please note that this material is copyrighted to Doreen Virtue

Self Love…?

Love is base of everything, especially self-love. This may sound self-absorbed and not very giving to the rest of the world. But selfishness is not the same thing as self-love. When you truly love and accept yourself, it seems that everything in life works. Self love and acceptance is a life journey for most who embark on it. Compassion and forgiveness for others is a great thing.. but for yourself it is the hardest and greatest step, in my opinion, toward the journey of self-love. Once you can fully love and accept your self it is not hard to love others and the world around you.. There is not need to prove yourself to others and the ego becomes less involved. You start to realise that we are all from the same energy and can radiate this love in everything you do.

This sounds all good and well and may people think that it has to be a very difficult to do this.. I did and sometimes still do as I am always having to learn about the willingness to change, becoming quiet and listening to the universe  – which this is fundamental to this journey.

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